Brown Snake ‘Photobombs’ Girl’s Back-to-School Picture in Alabama

A sneaky snake recently “photobombed” a seventh-grader’s back-to-school picture in Auburn, Alabama. (Photo Credit: Kage Fit / Facebook)

A brown snake recently “photobombed” a seventh-grader’s back-to-school picture in Alabama and the big reptile was not afraid to strike a pose for the camera.

On Thursday, Brooke Mills took her traditional “Summer’s Over” photo next to a tree in Auburn, Alabama, Fox News reported. When Brooke’s mom, ShaneJoy, asked her daughter to get ready for the picture, she noticed the snake slithering on the tree’s trunk and looking directly in Brooke’s direction,” noted.

“Lord, it was scary! I got two pictures and said ‘show your teeth please, baby!’ Then I saw the snake,” ShaneJoy Mills told WRBL. “I said ‘Brooke come here’ and she looked at me like I’m not done taking pics! So I said ‘Brooke get away from the tree now.’ I said it calmly, but I’m sure my face said it all.”

The creepy photo, which was posted on Facebook, has received more than 100 shares so far. Facebook users were also freaked out by the back-to-school picture and commented on the snake’s hilarious appearance.

“He may have wanted to become friends with her,” one Facebook user wrote.

Another commented, “I would have left.”

No one was hurt during Brooke’s photo shoot, including the sneaky reptile.

This isn’t the first time a serpent decided to crash a human’s photoshoot: In July, a snake “photobombed” a woman’s selfie in Australia. The woman, who was walking around a massive lake, decided to take a photo of herself on the ground when she heard a rustling noise and noticed the reptile creeping up behind her. Once she realized that this “visitor” could bite her, she moved out of the way before it came close to her head.

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