Snapchat’s New Snap Spectacles Will Have Two Cameras, Cost $350

Update: Although we already knew many of these details months ago, Snap officially confirmed the double cameras (and double price) of its new Spectacles 3. You can pre-order now before they release this November.

Snapchat’s parent company Snap is working on a new version of its quirky, video camera-outfitted Spectacles, according to a report from Cheddar.

The new Spectacles will have two cameras and will likely be sold for $350, which is double the price of the original glasses. The new version with upgrades and other cool bells and whistles is codenamed Newport and will feature a sturdy aluminum frame aside from the dual camera setup. Said cameras will allow users to take the Snapchat app and use AR lenses as well as 3D photo effects with footage captured via the Spectacles.

The original Snap Spetacles, which debuted in September 2016, retailed for just $130, which did seem pricey at the time, but this new price makes that number pale in comparison. Spectacles 2 only just released this year, earlier in April 2018, with a few new frames for customers to choose from, with the price bumped up to $200. Two cameras and the aluminum frame may not be the only reason for the massive price jump, but that’s all we know about the upcoming product so far.

Snap Spectacles can be useful for a number of different reasons – mainly, they offer a hands-free way to record footage from the point of view of a person just walking around and exploring the world rather than holding up their phone. The cameras aren’t really discreet (you can see them clear as day) but it certainly looks a lot better than someone obnoxiously waving their phone around in front of them to make Snapchat updates.

There’s no word on what kind of designs, frames, or colors the new glasses will come in, but hopefully they can sport some more understated looks – the originals were a little too eye-catching for some folks’ tastes. And the most Snap-worthy accessories are the ones you can pair with your outfit, after all.

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