Watch: Snake Catcher Finds 2 Pythons ‘Fighting’ in Roof Space

An Australian snake catcher recently discovered two male pythons “fighting” in a tight roof space. (Photo Credit: Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers 24/7 / Facebook)

A snake catcher recently spotted two male pythons “fighting” in a cramped roof space and the showdown was something straight out of a nightmare.

Stuart McKenzie, also known as the Sunshine Coast Snake Catcher, was called out to a home in Queensland, Australia, after a resident reported a loud banging noise in their roof space on Wednesday, The Daily Mail reported. When McKenzie arrived in the small area, he witnessed two carpet pythons that may have been fighting over a female. McKenzie captured the intense brawl in a video and it was a scary sight.

“We don’t get to see this very often and I was pretty stoked to witness this,” McKenzie wrote on Facebook. “This is going to be a common occurrence over the next few months and if you are lucky enough to see it for yourself be sure to send us through a video of it.”

McKenzie removed both snakes from the scene and released them into a nearby grassy area.

“Off you go. Sort it out,” McKenzie joked in the video. “I’m sure there’s plenty of females here to fight over.”

According to McKenzie, spring is around the corner in Australia, meaning that people need to keep an eye out for venomous pythons engaging in various activities, including fighting and mating, in their living spaces.

This isn’t the first time “rowdy” pythons were caught in someone’s home: In July, two mating pythons crashed through a couple’s roof in Queensland, Australia. Matt Hagan of Cairns Snake Catcher came to the couple’s home to safely remove the lusty reptiles that were estimated to be over 16 feet in length.

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