Caught on Camera: Venomous Copperhead Snakes Mate on Bike Trail

A Pennsylvania reptile expert filmed a pair of venomous copperhead snakes mating near a bike trail on September 8. (Photo Credit: Forgotten Friend Reptile Sanctuary / Facebook)

A Pennsylvania man recently captured a video of two venomous copperhead snakes mating near a bike trail and their intimate moment was jaw-dropping.

Jesse Rothacker, a reptile expert and Lancaster County resident, spotted the pair of copperhead snakes on a bike trail over the weekend, Fox News reported. Rothacker uploaded footage of the lusty reptiles on Facebook, after he alerted oncoming bikers and hikers about the mating duo.

While narrating the video, Rothacker explained how it was his first time watching copperhead snakes copulate in the area. The mating copperhead snakes are seen with their tails twisted together, engaging in internal fertilization, and not making noise, even when Rothacker was filming them from a close angle.

“Finding the snakes along the trail is very common,” Rothacker told Fox 43. “Finding the snakes actually getting jiggy with it is very hard to find in the wild, so I talked to many of my herpetology colleagues, and many confirm, they have not seen copperheads doing the deed, so we’re very fortunate to run into them at that time.”

According to Rothacker, there is a second fall breeding season for copperhead snakes. He also warned bikers and hikers to be aware of mating reptiles on their travels, since they like to “get it on” near trails. He didn’t share the location of the specific trail he was on, because he wanted to give the mating reptiles some privacy.

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