Extremely Rare, Two-Colored Lobster Found in Maine

A rare, two-toned lobster — a one-in-50 million find — was discovered off the coast of Maine. (Photo Credit: Maine Center for Coastal Fisheries / Facebook)

A fisherman had a one-in-50-million find when he discovered a rare, two-colored lobster off the coast of Maine on Friday.

Daryl Dunham, captain of the fishing vessel Force of Habit, discovered the lobster, which appears half-red and half-black, and handed it over to the Maine Center for Coastal Fisheries (MCCF).

“We’ve seen some pretty cool lobsters in our marine touch tank over the years, but this one might be a first,” the organization said on Facebook.

The MCCF is housing the unique, male “Chimera lobster” in a tank at the center’s Discovery Wharf in Stonington alongside three other rare lobsters — including a calico (they’re one in 30 million) and a blue lobster (one in 2 million) — where visitors can view and feel its rare shell.

In October, the organization will release it back into the New England bay where it was caught.

The lobster’s colors are split right down its middle. One one side is a bright red and the other side is black. Experts say the two-tone color may be caused by a genetic mutation — a cellular split when the eggs are first fertilized.

The split occurs one in every 50 million lobsters, according to National Geographic.

“This is a first for many of our staff… we’ve been marveling at it since it arrived,” the MCCF said.

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