iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro Have More Cameras, More Problems

It’s new iPhone day! Forget those other bogus holidays, new iPhone day is when Apple tells us about the greatest thing to happen to mobile tech, until next year when they have a new device that makes last year’s device look like trash. Who needs headphone jacks? This year’s iPhones have a matte finish.

As usual, many rumors about the new iPhones leaked out ahead of time. However, on new iPhone day Apple can spin those details in their proper context. And with the new iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro, all eyes are on the cameras.

Seriously. If you don’t care about photography then today’s Apple presentation was basically worthless to you outside of an iPad refresh, Apple Watch saving lives and never turning off, a new trailer for Jason Momoa’s weird Apple TV+ show about being blind, and launch details for Apple Arcade. Aside from powering some Dark Souls clone called Pascal’s Wager, even the new A13 chip was described in terms of how it enhances the cameras. But yo, those cameras!

Starting that $700, the iPhone 11 has two big and powerful rear cameras. Although this is the entry-level model, users still get pro features. Ultra wide angles let you take expansive detailed photos even with limited space. And Night Mode presents clear images even with extremely low light. Plus there’s this new cursed thing called the “Slowfies” or slow-motion front-facing selfies.

The iPhone 11 Pro is where it’s really at though. For $1000 they slapped a whole third camera on this thing. The back looks like an alien spider opening up its inner eye for enlightenment. Deep Fusion intelligently merges the best parts of multiple pics together like a Dragon Ball character. The extra lens (wide, ultra wide, and telephoto) gives photographers and videographers even more information to play with when taking photos or recording 4K, 60FPS, HDR video. Apple showed off the Filmic Pro app that records scenes from multiple different types of shots at once from closeups to wide coverage. Extended battery life makes professional film shoots even more feasible on the phone.

Exciting if you’re into cameras. But if you aren’t, the lack of anything else new and exciting is kind of a problem, no? At least you can still get old iPhones for less money. iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro go on sale September 20. (Or you could check out these Android phones)

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